The Rookie Mom’s Dictionary – Entry #1: Postpartum pudding and hip-hop diapers

Every year it’s fun to hear what gets added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Examples from this year:

aerobicized or aerobicised
adj. (of a person’s body) toned by aerobic exercise: aerobicized Hollywood women.

n. a type of hip-hop or rap music characterized by repeated shouted catchphrases and elements typical of electronic dance music, such as prominent bass.
adj. US, chiefly black slang (of a person) very excited or full of energy.
– origin 1990s: perh. an alt. past part. of crank1 or a blend of crazy and drunk.

I heard both of these mommy-centric terms at postnatal yoga this week and loved them. Wonder if they’ll every make it into the big book.

Postpartum Pudding
n. Jello-like belly that a new birth mother is left with when the baby leaves her body. Typically lasts for nine to twelve months, with the first two months being the most extreme.

Hip-hop diaper
n. 1. Multiple inches of visible diaper sticking out over a toddler’s sagging pants 2. a more dangerous situation, a diaper that is exposing crack. On a newborn, this will definitely lead to what’s known universally as a “blow-out”, requiring use of the often forgotten back-up outfit and a plastic bag or two.

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