The Ragu Panel recap

Remember those videos I made with the Ragú® folks? One of the other moms, Daphne, was saying that she got stuck in a dinner rut and actually watched one of her own videos and felt re-invigorated. I love it! Who better from to get tips that actually work for your unique situation? Yourself!

Dear self,

Here’s a re-cap of the videos you were in. If you dispensed any good advice, now is the time to use it because this is the third night of out-of-town-Daddy and you have no plan.

Dinner together – do you do it?

Kids in the kitchen or out of the kitchen?

Just call me Baby Angel of the dinner table.



Got time? Go around and visit all the moms on the panel, because we each have something different to say.

The dinnertime conversationalists include Audrey McClelland of MomGenerations, Caroline Murphy of SmartypantsMama, Kim Tracy Prince of House of Prince, Mindy Roberts of The Mommy Blog, Vickie Howell of, Christine Koh of Boston Mamas, Daphne Brogdon of Cool Mom, and Trisha Haas of MomDot.

Keeping it real: This post was created in connection with a sponsorship from the Ragú® Mom’s the Word on Dinner Program. See that picture above? I don’t really have a photo of my in-laws on the dining room wall. It is there to hide the thermostat which is not as photogenic. A producer told me to do that.

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