The continuing saga of a boy giving up his paci: Night Two

Yeah yeah, everyone thought we already did it. Holden told his preschool teacher in March that the Paci Fairy came and took his pacifier away and gave him a toy. Whitney thought we took it away months ago too and was amazed that Holden still naps so well.

Not exactly.

Earlier this week, we took Holden to his first dental appointment and the dentist told us to get rid of the paci. Holden promised he would but then — as evening drew near — he panicked. I said, “ok, one more night and we’ll say goodbye to it in the morning.”

When morning came, I brought in a small box that said “GOOD BYE PACI” and put the paci in. He thought I was pretty funny. Since nighttime was a full day away, he didn’t care at all. When dinner time came, I put the box in the middle of the table and we SANG TO IT: “Happy goodbye to you. Happy goodbye to you. Happy goodbye dear Paci. Happy goodbye to you.” And we celebrated with a tablespoon of ice cream.

…stay tuned for the rest of my story.