That’s what WE said! (Winter edition)

  1.  Gear that lasts and lasts (giggle): Heather tells us which items in her aresnal of baby products have had the longest lives.
  2. Is it okay to announce a birth on Facebook? (babycenter): Whoever checks Facebook the most frequently will be the first to hear about your new baby, right?
  3. Organizing the kitchen for kids (closet factory): This post seriously needs comments and suggestions. If you have a big kid, please join the conversation!
  4. Forcing motherhood to be more fun (babycenter): Heather describes how following her own advice is tougher than it looks.
  5. 5 tips for dating, new parent-style (giggle): Just in time for Valentine’s Day
  6. Great idea: Eventbrite for school events (510families): If you are an organizer of groups and gatherings, you should know about this tool for selling tickets — even if they are free.
  7. Please! No more gadgets! (babycenter): Whitney worries that the next generation will never make eye contact again.
  8. A good idea: Earth Baby compostable diapers (510families): Heather has gone greener with her third baby.
  9. 4 easy tips to hosting another family (babycenter): What should you know before you agree to have Heather’s family come stay with you? She shares her wish list.
  10. My life as a blog (blogstar): Heather confesses that her youngest child may have been conceived as blog fodder. MAY have been.
  11. Sh*t urban moms say (babycenter): This one is pretty funny, yo.
  12. Teaching our kids about money: Whitney sums up what she learned at a parenting lecture for those who are concerned about raising a responsible citizen.

The following two tabs change content below. co-founder Whitney lives with her husband, son, and daughter in the San Francisco Bay Area where she writes about parenting, crafts, and activities that moms can do with babies in tow. She and Heather also publish, a site for East Bay parents and are the authors of The Rookie Mom's Handbook and Stuff Every Mom Should Know.

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