That’s what WE said! (Winter edition)

  1.  Gear that lasts and lasts (giggle): Heather tells us which items in her aresnal of baby products have had the longest lives.
  2. Is it okay to announce a birth on Facebook? (babycenter): Whoever checks Facebook the most frequently will be the first to hear about your new baby, right?
  3. Organizing the kitchen for kids (closet factory): This post seriously needs comments and suggestions. If you have a big kid, please join the conversation!
  4. Forcing motherhood to be more fun (babycenter): Heather describes how following her own advice is tougher than it looks.
  5. 5 tips for dating, new parent-style (giggle): Just in time for Valentine’s Day
  6. Great idea: Eventbrite for school events (510families): If you are an organizer of groups and gatherings, you should know about this tool for selling tickets — even if they are free.
  7. Please! No more gadgets! (babycenter): Whitney worries that the next generation will never make eye contact again.
  8. A good idea: Earth Baby compostable diapers (510families): Heather has gone greener with her third baby.
  9. 4 easy tips to hosting another family (babycenter): What should you know before you agree to have Heather’s family come stay with you? She shares her wish list.
  10. My life as a blog (blogstar): Heather confesses that her youngest child may have been conceived as blog fodder. MAY have been.
  11. Sh*t urban moms say (babycenter): This one is pretty funny, yo.
  12. Teaching our kids about money: Whitney sums up what she learned at a parenting lecture for those who are concerned about raising a responsible citizen.