Pretty, comfy maternity dress for all 40 weeks

Oooh, look at my maternity dress (on the right)

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and itchy and twitchy. Yes, I’m pregnant, and it is not so easy to feel pretty these days. I waddle, I whine, and my midriff is too long for most shirts. Yoga pants = good. Leggings = good. Tight stuff = bad. This dress from 2Chix = amazing.

Because it’s so much fancier than my every day, I’ve been saving it for dates and special occasions so far; it is so comfortable that I plan to wear it every day of August following (and maybe including) the BlogHer conference. The color is gorgeous. The style with cap sleeves is totally practical.

Anyway, I love it! Friends have asked me if it will also work as a post-partum dress. We’ll have to wait and see since I don’t know how nursing-friendly it is.

Same dress as worn by a model

Huge thank you to 2Chix for sending me such a lovely treat! I am so grateful to Brooke at for choosing and sending this dress just for me. At about $100, this dress is a splurge, but if you live in an appropriate climate, I highly recommend it.