Tech Tuesday: Save hassle with Can I Stream.It

I share this tip in the hopes that I’m not the last person on Earth to discover

Can I tells you where and how to stream your favorite shows

My family has “no cable;” instead we have a hodge-podge of other subscription services like Hulu-plus and Netflix with a little Amazon streaming and iTunes thrown in for good measure. Consequently, when we decide we want to watch a family movie (which according to my other fave, CommonSenseMedia, is at the appropriate maturity level), I have to hunt around all the places to find out if we can screen it for free before comparing the rental terms and prices on iTunes and Amazon.

And I do this over and over and over because I am cheap like that. [See also: we have “no cable”]

After several months of this protocol, my husband, Alec told me about this site where you can enter a TV show or movie title and it does all that digging for you. Wow. Mind blown.

Last night, we put it to the test to find out where we could stream the totally-too-mature-for-Sawyer James and the Giant Peach. Score! It was “free” on Netflix. And with hugging at all the scary parts, our two-year old loved it.

Results from the clever Can I

Wondering when you can watch Frozen at home for free? I embedded the results below so you can poke around on the nav buttons and see where you can stream it this second and for how much. also will email you when your preferred channel becomes available. I haven’t tried that feature yet.

Find Disney Frozen on CanIStream.It>

Nope. Not sponsored, just a good tip for busy parents.