Tech Tuesday: Build healthy habits with Lift

I’m a list-maker and a score-keeper; sometimes it’s all I can do to NOT literally track everything I do that is measurable. I have learned over time, for example, that it is really really best not to count who changes how many diapers in a marriage. But for good habits, it is nice to see progress on a chart, whether we’re talking about toddlers learning how to use the potty or mamas needing someone to throw a parade because we laced up our collective running shoes and logged a few miles — I get it!

I started using the Lift iPhone app, a community goal tracking tool, about a week ago to give myself big green checkmarks for reaching my daily goals. It looks like this:

Lift iPhone app

To take it one giant step further, Whitney and I started a group for supporting each other rookie-moms-style. We want to create habits together that help new moms do activities and be social… and have more fun! Using the Lift community features, we can all cheer each other on. If the day is a total mess, you’ll have us giving you props no matter what. Our collective goals are these:

  1. Take your baby on an outing (maybe one of our Rookie Moms challenges)
  2. Connect with a friend (new or old, we don’t care)
  3. Treat yourself in a little or big way (bite of chocolate or legitimate self-care, up to you)
  4. Find something to be thankful for (a baby’s giggle or a partner who changes diapers, whatev)

Lift is also available on your web browser (if you join the Rookie Moms group at to help you get started building healthy habits.

Rookie Moms group on Lift appWhile you’re on Lift, you’ll find other habits you might want to try, go ahead.

Whitney said that she wants a gold star every time she makes dinner. Now she can give herself one.

Some other good actions to check off each day: Do something nice for my partner, Smile at my children, Go someplace new. Since you can make up your own, you’re only limited by your imagination.

I’m experimenting with a few myself and think I’ve gone too far.

Use LIFT to support good habits

Yes, THINK about getting to Inbox Zero is one of my current habits. I check that one off when I don’t DO the Inbox Zero steps. Ummm, what?!

Now that you know what it is, join us at


Free to use. Not sponsored, just fun and helpful, we hope!