Tech Tuesday: Diggity for digging through social media

Here’s the common situation: A super smart friend, let’s call her Julie, who always has easy cooking shortcuts when I go to her house, posted a question on Facebook asking about family dinner ideas. I remember that I loved at least five of the ideas Julie’s friends shared in the comments, but now I can’t remember a single one of them. This was four weeks ago so where is that Facebook thread again? Although the site can reconnect me with my 7th grade boyfriend, it doesn’t allow my to search my own posts.

If only I could search Julie’s page for “Parmesan”.  Or Lisa T’s page for “book club”. Or Kim’s page for “restaurant”. And now I can, with Diggity.

Both a website and an app, Diggity digs through your own instances of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s currently in beta, so it might not be perfect.

But here’s the magic: if you know what you were looking for was from a certain person or maybe one of three or four people — this is how mom’s brains work, right? it was totally, definitely, probably someone from Book Club who posted a discount code for a hotel in Santa Cruz — you can filter the search by person, or even by page, meaning a group or a brand that you follow.


This screenshot shows how I could track down that post about life-changing nursing sweatshirts that I know came from Ain’t Know Mom Jeans. Found it!

And one more thing. For more memorable moments, you can create “Shoeboxes”, which are curated buckets of the content you want to come back to or keep forever. For example, “Baby’s First Year” could be made of posts from your profile, your baby’s other parent, and anyone else who is likely to be sharing content you want to save in that Shoebox.

Say you’re Kim Kardashian. You could create a fabulous Shoebox of “Crap the media said about me while I was pregnant.”

Which of these two uses is more compelling to you: 1) searching for reference info you wanted to remember OR 2) safekeeping special social media content?