Tech Tuesday: An easy way to keep track of kid quotes

My daughter has a wonderful knack for inventing words. “Waggy”, if you don’t know, is an adjective that describes wide-leg pants, such as men’s-styled pajama bottoms. On Pajama Day at preschool, you might think twice about wearing your waggy jammies, because if you want to climb a lot, they may get in your way.

All kids say the darndest things, of course. And all parents forget those things pretty quickly.

Enter technology.


Storybots has a new app called KidQuoter that invites you to capture (and share) the memorable things your children say. You create a profile for each child, including their picture and age. When you add a quote, the app generates a cartoon-ish digital postcard that displays the quote with the child’s picture name and specific age, ie 5 years 8 months, at the time you entered it.


You can change the background color of the image, store multiple faces for each kid, and change their outfit before you save it. It makes for a really cute image, but like all JibJab ecards, the photo you uploaded is just the child’s face; the costumes and headgear are fun illustrations. For my daughter especially, I wish there was a way to include her hair.

Once you save the image, you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter or in an email that will automatically have the subject line “{Child’s Name} said…” My husband was away this weekend and I definitely had my ears pricked up to send him funny things the kids said. Alas, the children are simply not charming and funny all the time. If you like to send your partner updates throughout the day, this is a cute way to execute it.


This app is free, and if your child is nearing two, I think it’s time to start writing down what she says.  The mornings on which she requests “breffaxt” won’t last forever.