Activity #205: Talk about sex

You heard me, woman.

If it’s not happening yet, I’ll assume you are terrified, disinterested, or terrified by your own disinterest. Talk to your other mom friends about this. You are not the first person in history to give birth and not be ready to get back in the game after the doctor-prescribed six week waiting period.

Talking about it will help you feel normal. It’s hard to break this ice on this conversation, so you might try this subtle introduction: “Hey [lifelong friend’s name who has a child 11 months older than yours], it’s [your name]. I’m calling to talk about sex. Do you have time right now?”

If you feel abnormal after talking to your friends, talk to your doctor. S/he has heard everything and might have some suggestions.

The most important person to talk to, however, is your partner. Take things one “base” at a time, like a high school couple.

To laugh about this topic, read Dooce’s entry on “reconvening her procedure.”