Take a Three-Martini Family Vacation

I just finished reading Three-Martini Family Vacation: A Field Guide to Intrepid Parenting and I fell in love with Christie Mellor’s candid way of telling me to get my ill-mannered children to behave before taking them on a fun, inexpensive holiday.

Her whole philosophy seems closely linked to the Rookie Mom’s notion of “do what YOU want to do” but in a snarkier, funnier tone. She gives tips on broadening your child’s palate away from “white foods” and explains the many reasons why it’s better to stay with friends than a theme park.

I wish I had some bad stuff to say to make my review a little more balanced, but I gobbled this book up. Maybe the short, quippy chapters are targeted at the sleep-deprived set. Is that a dig?

My favorite part — and what I plan to try immediately with my husband, infant, toddler, and no money — is the “surprise” vacation where you drive a few hours in any direction and just wing it. Family members can take turn being the king or queen for the day (maybe Milo won’t get a turn) and we have to do what the royal highness wants for food and fun.

Yeah, maybe on Holden’s day we’ll be riding trains, squishing play doh into poop shapes, and eating goldfish crackers, but then I’ll get a turn. Hooray!