Activity #36: Take a photo of your baby at the pumpkin patch

Take a photo of your baby at the pumpkin patch

Your 36th weekly challenge is a seasonal photo assignment. You can’t take a bad picture in a pumpkin patch. Good assignment, right? Find a pumpkin patch. Go. Take pictures. Where we live, you can get a good old fashioned farm for a half-day outing, a street corner covered over in hay, or a mound taller than a man at the neighborhood grocery store (this is true, we made a whole guide to East Bay pumpkin patches). Your future self won’t be able to tell the difference.

Use hay as a background, too.

Pumpkin patches are the best scenery for baby pics
{source: backpacktobuggy}

Pumpkin patches are the best scene for baby pics

{photo: Marketing Mommy}

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If you do this, we would LOVE to see your photos on our rookiemoms facebook page or tagging us on instagram (@rookiemoms). Is your baby too little or is it the wrong season where you live? Choose another challenge.

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