Spend a week in Washington DC

All my in-laws live in Washington DC now. They went from being spread out in NYC and Boston to congregating in one city. If I can survive the travel, I’ll test drive this fun sounding week of activities in our nation’s capitol.

Local DC Mamas, do these sound like fun to you? Let us know what’s missing!

This week of action came to us courtesy of Ciao Bambino, a global guide to family-friendly vacation properties (editorial and community reviews for awesome destinations worldwide with cute symbols to indicate baby- and toddler-friendliness).

Monday: It’s monumental
You can’t possibly be in Washington D.C. and not visit the national monuments. But instead of fooling yourself into thinking you’ll pop in and out of all the major landmarks along the National Mall without breaking a sweat, be forewarned that they’re spread so far apart that you’d be better off blending the monuments in as part of a day of fitness. Pack your baby up in a jogging stroller and go for a nice run/walk from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial.

Take a break in the center at the Washington Monument, where the flags will mesmerize your bambino and he can get in plenty of tummy/crawling/wandering-around time while you lick a strawberry shortcake bar from the corner ice cream man. (That’s about the only food you’ll find at the National Mall.)

[picture your baby here]

Tuesday: Get to know George
Georgetown’s vibe is a bit more college than mama, but that’s why you’ll like it. It’s always hoppin’ and there’s plenty of shoppin’ to do with a baby in tow. Clothing shops rule the roost, so come on a day when your body confidence is at a peak. Stop off for lunch at Clyde’s of Georgetown, where they make a mean crab cake and give out cute plastic cars to little ones. Save room for an ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s.

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