Use baby as a prop in your Halloween costume

Now that you have your very own baby, your Halloween costume options have really expanded. If your baby is pretty new, she can be carted around with you, with no regard to bedtime. Enjoy it while it lasts.

A few ways use your baby as a fun prop or sidekick to your own costume. Some of these are very easy on the degree of difficulty scale and some require some more effort, so you can decide.

I would love to hear from someone who incorporates some sort of gear – a backpack or stroller – into their costume.

  1. Mom is princess, baby is frog (Optional: daddy is prince).
  2. Parents are the Wonder Twins. Baby is blue space monkey, Gleek. Heather has wanted to do this for years but her husband thinks its creepy to be siblings.
  3. Adults are characters from the Wizard of Oz. Baby is Toto.
  4. Baby worn in front carrier is Mini Me as suggested by a reader, Sean
  5. Celebrity baby. If you have even the vaguest resemblance to Jennifer Garner, Beyonce, or Pink, put on your rock star clothes, wear baby in a sling, and carry a Starbucks cup. Alternative to the sling for lesbian moms: one mom is the celebrity, and the other partner dresses as the nanny and carries the baby.
  6. Martha Stewart’s “no-sew” spider and web
  7. Mom as a butcher; baby as a piglet
  8. Baby as an owl and mom is a tree with a green or brown sling.

We have some other Halloween costume ideas and tips for babies and toddlers:

photo of Run DMC family: D. Kelson