Things to do in Paris with babies

Thanks to PhD in Parenting for this treasure
Thanks to PhD in Parenting for this treasure

coco au parcWhen we started the “week in” section of our site, it was an attempt to not be so Berkeley-focused. If you’re not our neighbors, there are still a ton of great options that are better than wiping someone’s tushy, right?

We’re so happy to share another one in Europe — where neither of us has (yet) been with our children — Emilie from BabyCCINO shares with us her favorite activities in Paris! Emilie has one young daughter, Coco, and is expecting a second baby this month.

As soon as I can get my passport together, I’ve got to get on a plane and meet these fun women.

Take a walk in the Tuileries Gardens. They have trampolines (for kids over 2), and a merry-go-round situated in the middle of the gardens. Try to go before 4pm as this is the time school finishes and the parks get packed. Go for a hot chocolate at Angelina’s (226 rue de Rivoli). Rumour has it, that this is the best hot chocolate in the Northern Hemisphere….

Treat yourself to a spot of shopping on one of the shopping hotspots of Paris, rue des Franc Bourgeois and rue Veille du Temple in the Marais. Around these streets are numerous little parks (place des Vosges and parc Royale) so you can let the kids have a quick play in-between shops! Go for lunch at Le loir dans la Théière also in the Marais (3 rue des rosiers 75004 Paris Tél. :

Ironically all the antique highchairs there are purely for decoration, but it is a really kid-friendly place with big leather sofas. Nobody rushes you, even if there is a huge queue in front of the door (and the lemon tarte is something to behold– its meringue topping must be at least 15 cm high)!
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