Help me stop wearing my gray fleece every day!

This guest post was provided by Shana from Ain’t No Mom Jeans to solve my real-life fashion challenge of always grabbing my gray fleecy North Face jacket-sweatshirt-thing Every Single Day. Last time, she answered my clothing conundrum call for help (4 perfect pooch-hiding nursing-friendly outfits), I bought 5 new things. FIVE! That’s crazy for me.

Heather asked me to come up with some North Face jacket alternatives. This, it turns out, is tricky. I mean OK – there is always the standard fashion-mag-answer: ‘wear a chic blazer’ or something….but I just can’t see myself ever debating between the two. I reach for the North Face jacket when it’s cold, when I need to fit a jacket over a bulky sweater, when I want to be comfortable (or, in other words, 99% of the time), and I reach for a chic blazer, uh…um…


Well. In my head, I reach for my chic blazer when I go to the office (never), or date night (rare).

So. In order to find stylish alternatives to North Face jackets, I must also find pieces that are practical (read: washable) and cozy. Or else they’ll find themselves hanging with all of my chic blazers – in the back of the closet.

Sweatshirt alternatives for moms with style (or who wish they did)

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1. Chic Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are having a big moment. So big, in fact, that they are masquerading as chic jackets. My favorite is the sweatshirt-as-moto-jacket. This seriously versatile piece elevates any daily denim ‘momiform’, yet looks equally amazing over a dress for date night.

Pictured above:
2. Trendy Bomber Jackets

Want to be totally on-trend? Try a bomber jacket. The sporty-chic vibe of the jacket looks especially cool with striped tees and ankle-length denim for day, or with a bandage mini at night.

3. Upgraded Workout Jacket

Of course, you could just upgrade to a more stylish performance jacket. They may not be quite a cozy as the ubiquitous North Face, but most do offer wind and rain protection, and layer beautifully over sweaters. If you go this route, be picky. Look for a workout jacket with special details (asymmetric zips, or strategically placed ruffles) or – my fav – a seriously cool pattern. I especially love these with coated (faux-leather) denim.

4. Layer Vests and Hoodies

Hoodies alone aren’t anything special. Puffer vests? Same deal. But when you put puffer vests with hoodies, the sum is greater than each of its parts. Elevate the look further by going with a cashmere hoodie (I swear by these – just handwash), and a puffer vest with something special: retro details, or a chic pattern.

Vest + Hoodie:

Any other ideas for getting out of the North Face jacket rut? I’d love to hear them!

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