Activity #285: Swap, Mamas!

We are big fans of the clothing swap as a girls-only daytime get together. Because why shouldn’t your good stuff go to someone who will enjoy it?! We’ve been doing it for about 10 years.

Since we entered the world of parenthood, we started adding some maternity and baby items to our swaps, but since that is not our main objective, and we like to use our annual swap to get together with friends who are not moms, we don’t focus on it.

Um, I need clothes too!
Um, I need clothes too!

When I read about, I thought, there you go! An online community designed to facilitate swaps, features no point systems or rules, beyond “no money allowed”. For women who like swapping baby stuff, here’s your site. The Swap Mamas are bonding with each other over location, age of baby, or a commitment to being frugal and green. Imagine the community aspects of BabyCenter married with the marketplace aspects of Craig’s List.

Since I live in a place that is densely populated with my friends who turned out to also have babies between 2003 and 2008, I feel like I have enough hand-me-down action in my life. I am a believer in hand-me-down karma, just like SwapMamas founder and mom, Darcy Cruwys. If you are too, and you have swapping energy tingling in your fingernails, click over to check out the opportunity.

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