Swaddles and buntings: Baby Halloween costumes that bind

What’s totally cute for a blobby baby that cannot crawl away from you? A swaddled up costume, of course!

If your baby’s best trick is not rolling over on the floor, please consider these flipping adorable costume choices for kids who will likely sleep their way through Halloween. If, however, you hope to carry your costumed baby (awkward!) or stroll him (impossible!) anywhere, then just chuckle and move on.

Swaddles that are more practical

swaddle costumes can be used post-Halloween

These swaddle costumes from sozo are on the top of our list because they are soft and multi-purpose. Like the pajama-based-costumes in your future, your child may be dressed like a ladybug through Easter, but at least she’ll be comfy. That said, if you pick a football player or FOOTBALL (dang, these humans are small!), you’ll be fine through the Superbowl. And if you choose a swaddled peppermint, your baby will be all set through Christmas.

Buntings that are … ahem… less practical

When I recommend against the adorable baby bunting Halloween costumes, it is because I tried it. And failed. Big time. Yes, the baby is hecka cute and cozy. BUT. The baby cannot easily be buckled, strolled, or even held. Your best bet is to lay the swaddled child on the floor and admire. Ooh. Ahh. Snap a picture.

A soft bunting can be used for sleeping just like a swaddle; however, most commercial “costume” buntings are itchy and scratchy on the inside rendering a pain in the butt for both you and your baby. Then again, I fell in love with one of these when I was a rookie mom. Must have been the hormones.

Baby bunting costume: chili pepper

This particular chili-pepper costume was the one that spawned all my negative opinions about the bunting.  I wrestled my then five-month-old son into it for my pleasure (and his misery) and the only pictures we have feature me looking psychotic and him screaming. Don’t judge.

Sweet peas: baby bunting Halloween costume

There is something about the pea in the pod costume that makes me nostalgic for pregnancy. That alone should be reason NOT to buy it.

Baby bunting costume: hot dog! ha ha

This hot dog is hilarious. I think I’m starting to get punchy. Maybe it IS a good idea to dress your baby up like food for a laugh. Hmmm. I have a few more so-wrong-they’re-right costume picks to share. Here is a crazy funny banana and the more humane (though still totally impractical) banana bunting costume.

Turning our attention under the sea, see also mermaid and Nemo-esque fish for the aquatic theme. The fish is particularly cruel because it covers up not only the feet but also the hands! If you prefer shellfish, consider the lobster baby.

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