Surprising songs that soothe babies

I owe a shred of my sanity to Ben Gibbard. My baby is calmed more than anything when I play the band Death Cab for Cutie. I discovered this trick quite by accident when driving my screaming eight-week old home from a playdate (more mine than his) and he fell silent by the third song. Once the music calmed him I tried it again. And again. It kept working.

We tried many other bands and songs. Nothing else even came close. I revisited this playlist so much that DCFC is known in my family as “Sawyer’s music”. Even my kindergartner has the lyrics memorized in order.

Though Sawyer’s past the worst of his car-screaming phase, we still bust out these songs on a roadtrip when we want to induce a nap:




I asked our facebook community for any other offbeat soothing techniques. I thought someone might pipe in with a tricky maneuver, a creative position, or device; instead, y’all rushed forth with a surprising batch of songs that calmed your colicky babies. Here are a few of my favorites:

Amy: “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins. Go figure.
Danielle: When my oldest was little he calmed down when we hummed the darth vader theme song and rocked him.
Shannon: The CSI: Miami theme.
Danica: Repeating ET phone home worked for us.
Jamie: We’ve had to play the same Iron and Wine song 15 times in a row during long car trips to get my son to stop crying.
Laura: Our son, Max, really loved the song Maxwell Silverhammer. Nothing like a song about a serial killer to help a baby sleep.
Kimberlee: My son fell asleep to Frank Sinatra. Never failed, as soon as You Make Me Feel So Young he was out!

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