Superfun gift idea: Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

Mike Adamick is a San Francisco Dad that we’ve known since his first grader was a baby. We featured her doing normal baby stuff for a day, and I still love that post. In addition to thoughtful essays, his blog is stuffed full of creative adventures, crafty projects, and homemade clothing that he makes for and with his daughter. So it is no surprise that he wrote a wicked cool book with more of the same (minus the fondness for Broadway shows).

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects

I was lucky to receive an early copy of Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects: From Stilts and Super-Hero Capes to Tinker Boxes and Seesaws, 25+ Fun Do-It-Yourself Projects for Families, and it is all that and a bag of chips.

My husband and older sons took it away from me and flipped through the book before I could get started. Milo was the first to ask if we could make everything in it THIS WEEKEND. And so we started a few projects.

He had his eye on this balance board project (the second in the book) and took it upon himself to make it without help!

Make a balance-board

The results of his efforts were adorable but flawed since he used only cardboard.

Flawed balance board

Within 24 hours, RookieDad Alec had obtained the proper materials and made a real rolling wooden balance board and started the second project on our family wishlist, the Hidden Book Stash.

I can’t say enough good things about this book but I will try. Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects is a terrific collection of projects both realistic and ridiculous (with a strong leaning toward the realistic) that kids and parents will enjoy together. It would make a fun Father’s Day gift or just a “let’s see how much stuff we can do with this Summer Vacation” present. Buy it for someone you love along with the materials for circus stilts or a bow and arrow.


I received a free copy of this book that my boys are working their way through. This review/love letter was not sponsored. (This post contains affiliate links.) Mike Adamick kicks ass in the best possible way.

[Photos: Mike Adamick, Heather Flett all rights reserved]