Reader tip for too many stuffed animals

Inspired by the idea to turn a Pack ‘N Play into a ball pit, Rebeca from took it in a new direction. She takes an armful of her son’s stuffed animals and puts them into a cardboard box, or empty laundry basket, to create a cozy play area. He loves it, and it’s a good sensory activity as well. If she really wants to mix it up, she’ll push him around the room in his new seat.

Rebeca's son is very happy

Rebeca is a self-described “average mom living a busy life in the Midwest” but her site is stuffed full of above average goodies. She has a busy toddler (pictured above), a husband, and two spirited beagles who all keep her on her toes.

Thanks Rebeca for sharing this fun and EASY idea with us!