Stock your freezer

hand drawn fridgeI didn’t really start doing this until the day my water broke and I had that weird “nesting” thing, but do yourself a favor and set aside thoughts of your adorable baby-to-be for about ten minutes and play along with me.

Here are three easy steps to save yourself future headaches and stomachaches:

  1. Make a list of what you like to eat — be specific. Do you like salmon? Or do you only like fresh wild Alaskan salmon? You do not want to set up some well-meaning friend or parent-in-law up for failure. If you think you could just eat “anything”, maybe make a short list of foods you hate (I’ll eat burritos all day but keep that cilantro away from me!).
  2. Stock freezer — if you have something like My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, head there with some friends for an evening out. We have done this a few times and liked it. If this is not your style, I am also a huge fan of Amy’s frozen, organic meals.
  3. Get take out menus — I know this is easy and obvious, but I felt so smart for doing it in advance of Holden’s birth. Too bad there are so few places that deliver here in Berkeley.