Spring It!

Heather and I are always desperate to get our readers to actually follow our activity suggestions. It’s not going to make your life as a new mom more fun if you just sit in front of the computer and read about things you could be doing. That’s why we start each post title with a verb: we want people to take action!

Now we’ve met up with SpringPad, a little web-based tool that helps you make articles you read online into actionable lists – shopping lists, to do lists, reciept tracking lists, etc.

When you read something and think “I should do that!” and you see a Spring It icon, you click on it and it jumps to a page that puts the relevant shopping list or details in your SpringPad notebook.

I was reading “The 9 Best Ways To Get Organized By The Year’s End” and I clicked the Spring It link and added a checklist of things like “declutter house” to my to do list.

Watch this video about how it works and tell us what you think. Brutal honesty is welcome.

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