Splashing through the puddles (and the pants)

Western Chief Infant/Toddler Boys\' Dino Rain BootYesterday was a very rainy day. Holden and his nanny-share girlfriend were cooped up all morning and, by afternoon, he was a little stir-crazy. Lucky for him, we already had a plan to hit the doctor’s office for a 4pm appointment so we wouldn’t be house-bound for long.

I should perhaps also mention that Holden is 19-months old and he tends to have very specific ideas about what is and is not okay. On Monday, for example, he was fine with going to (mom and toddler) yoga class provided he could carry a red dish towel and a yellow ball cap to the car. We have also had several minor skirmishes about which shoes to wear — this is especially funny to me because the kid only has one pair of shoes that fit. And one pair of rain boots. So, back to our story…

I told Holden that he needed to wear rain boots. He was excited until he got them on his feet (“bother you”) at which point he wanted to wear his regular shoes. In a flash of brilliance, I suggested that if he wore his rain boots we could splash in puddles and he agreed with no more fuss.

First stop, doctor’s office. Very limited selection of puddles. After he braved having his body examined, I promised we’d go look for some more puddles. There was one big one in the middle of the road, but come on, that’s just stupid.

Second stop, cafe PriPri. Also, limited selection of puddles on the back patio and they were closing up shop. So, I promised we’d keep looking. I packed him back into the carseat and tried very hard to think of a safe place for a mini person to splash in puddles in the dark.

I came up with the enclosed playground at Thousand Oaks school and we totally hit the jackpot! He splashed gently, then aggressively, then he ran through the puddles… ahh, wonderful! Then he splashed past his boots and most of the way up his pants. Oops. (We were supposed to pick up Alec from BART for dinner).

I reflected back to one of my earlier successes getting curb-side service at Baby World and called the nearby children’s resale shop, Hannah’s, and they did not disappoint. One pair of 2T sweatpants for $5 and we didn’t have to leave the car.

And we all lived happily ever after… that is until we got to the restaurant and Holden had a freaking meltdown that might keep us from going to restaurants again until he’s 5.