We totally don’t mind if you vote for us

Some very hard-working and talented bloggers have put together a fancy party, complete with awards, for female bloggers in New York City in August. We are totally flattered to have been nominated in the Blog You’ve Learned the Most From category. It looks like there are about 75 websites in this category, so our odds of winning seem small, but we would be grateful if you voted for us anyway.

Beware, when you click over to the voting page, you may get lost in a sea of amazing links. More than anything, I am happy to be part of this little community of self-publishers.

In an attempt to convince you that RookieMoms.com IS possibly the blog you’ve learned the most from, here are a handful of extremely educational links.

  1. How to make baby pants out of a tshirt
  2. Babies. They CAN eat pickles.
  3. What to register for; what to buy
  4. When a toddler doesn’t nap: Create a naptime playlist or Treat yourself kindly
  5. What to feed a picky toddler
  6. How to make a puppet theater in two minutes or less
  7. What to do if you forgot about Valentine’s Day
  8. It is ok to swaddle an infant with a scarf.
  9. Lots of women want a victory baby
  10. Having fun and being on maternity leave do not necessarily go hand in hand. It’s on you to make it fun.

You see? We have so much to teach you.

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