So far, I’m loving the new Scramble!

I really enjoyed the first Six O’Clock Scramble. I tried it out as part of a four-week challenge and then consistently turned back to it whenever I need meal-planning inspiration.

That said, I really really enjoy the new and improved SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue: Earth-Friendly, Kid-Pleasing Dinners for Busy Families because Aviva Goldfarb took what was great about the original and made it even better.

One problem I had with the last edition was that I would hustle to make the main dish only to realize (too late) that I was supposed to have flipped to a different page to find the side dish, and I didn’t boil the couscous or cook broccoli. The updated book includes side dishes on the same page as the main with tips to get everything ready at the same time.

The new edition still has printable grocery lists for each week’s menus, but also some new features that I appreciate:

  • realistic 5 weeks of meals per season, just the favorites.
  • more emphasis on eating seasonal, fresh, healthy food
  • recommendations about staples to keep on-hand and favorite cooking tools (that make me wish she could have come to my wedding and given us one of those huge Scan Pans)

Admittedly, we’re only in our first week of cooking, but the recipes have been a huge hit with my children. And by “huge hit,” I’m talking about third helpings and rave reviews like “Mommy, I love this dinner.”

>Activity #367: Let someone else plan your meals
>Are you on twitter? @theScramble has helped me out of dinner-prep jams in real-time more than once.
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Disclosure: Aviva Goldfarb sent me a copy of this new book. I am so lucky and grateful. I would definitely pay for this book if it hadn’t been sent to me.