Smart idea: Chalkboard wall decals for kids rooms

This post is inspired and sponsored by eBay.

Wall decals for kids rooms

As I was putting together a collection of wall decals for children’s bedrooms on eBay, it struck me how useful the chalkboard wall decals are.

In my children’s room, we have a large ice cream-shaped chalkboard decal on the wall, and Scarlett and Julian can use it to draw or write their imaginary restaurant “menu”. Frequently it is one of their many stuffed animals birthday, and they need to write “Happy Birthday, Hip-Hop” on the wall. Hip-Hop is a plush bunny rabbit who recently turned 4.

If I had only installed the write-on decal just a few years earlier, it could have served as a memo board for baby-related news, like “Went down at 11:20 am” ,  “Antibiotics 7 pm”, or “Need diapers!” I love discovering products like this that have continuing value as my kids grow up.

See my entire collection of wall decals, or what I call The Lazy Decorator’s Solution To Adorable Baby Rooms.

I will be adding more to this collection as I discover them, so follow either Rookie Moms or the collection on eBay to see how it grows.

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This post is inspired and sponsored by eBay. We’re creating a ton of other collections for parents and kids.