Shrinkx Hips: new sponsor

We want to thank the folks behind two intriguing products: Shrinkx Hips and milkscreen for sponsoring Rookie Moms for the past few weeks. You may notice their advertisements in our sidebar.

Milkscreen is a package of test strips that can detect alcohol in breastmilk so that a nursing mom can know if her milk is safe for her baby. I was oddly compelled by this video of Kourtney Kardashian using the test strips and saying, “I would be devastated if I had to give Mason formula.”

Shrinkx Hips is a pelvic support belt that is designed to shrink your hips during the first couple months postpartum when the hormone Relaxin is still in the mom’s system.

We are grateful to these guys for working with us! If you are intrigued by the ads, have a click or share your I wish I had known moments. What do you wish you had known?