Shower to the people

growing up and outIt’s a very bloggy baby shower this weekend and we’re happy to be invited to share our best tips and advice to one first-time mama (Tammie) and two two-time mamas (Liz and Christina).

Shower games and prizes through tonight at:

For the true rookie:
Whitney’s Best advice: Don’t try to make a happy baby happier. A person blissfully staring into space does not need her mother to shake a rattle in her face.

Whitney’s Worst advice: If breastfeeding hurts, you are doing it wrong. I heard this to mean I should keep looking for solutions and visiting lactation consultants and questioning myself, ad nauseum. When I finished nursing 15 months later, I decided I wasn’t doing it wrong.

We both say once the newborn haze of the first month lifts (if not sooner), try to get out of the house every day. See for hundreds of ideas how to do that and where to go.

And for the not-so-rookies:
Good luck to you! I’m only two months into this and I still feel pretty raw. But I can’t believe I’m two months into what will likely be my last baby’s babyhood. It goes fast (and yet it still drags on).

My only tip — that I’m still trying to live up to myself with mixed success — is to try to spend at least 30 minutes a day with your older child alone and doing what they want to do. Supposedly, it keeps them from wanting to return the baby after the three-month honeymoon is over.

And if any of you have any bright ideas about keeping yourselves and your babies entertained, let us know!