Activity #58: Shop on the cheap

When I found out I was having a second boy, at first I was shocked. Not that I didn’t want a second boy — I was still totally afraid of little girls (having been mean to my own mom until … ummm, now) — but I grew up in a boy/girl house and I just thought that’s how it went. But since birthing a second son, I now recognize it for what it is: “the ultimate in recycling.”

Babies grow fast. A few inches in as many months – wow! So, my tip is to beg, borrow, and steal (ok, don’t steal) clothes and gear. Legal ideas:

  • Second hand shops. I got a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for $2. They didn’t fit, but for that price, who cares?! Add some decorative patches to torn places if you’re feeling really creative.
  • Hand-me-downs from friends. I organize a clothing swap every year, so you know I don’t have any problem with my friends’ seconds.
  • Internet. Use Google Products (formerly known as Froogle) to find deals when you know what you like or if you know you just need something like a “raincoat”
  • Bulk. Look for multi-packs of onesies and sweatpants for everyday use (Target, Old Navy).
  • Outlet malls. Is there a Carter’s near you? Make it a roadtrip or a side trip if you’re visiting the grandparents