Shoot as if it weren’t your kid

A million years ago, I spent my time doing backhandsprings on my friend Sharon’s front lawn and charging her neighbors a quarter to see them, lemonade stand-style. I’m sure that Sharon and I had a beautiful sign explaining our trick-turning policies, covered with stickers, because we were really into stickers.

Sharon and I went to different junior highs and never saw each other again, except maybe once in line at McDonald’s in high school where we pretended not to see each other. When she contacted me on Facebook, the first thing I noticed were her links, because I love me a girl who has her own links. And when I saw her work, I was blown away. And her Etsy store. Delightful.

She is a professional photographer, based in LA, who specializes in dogs and other animals, which includes babies. I asked her to provide some tips for parents who want to take better photos of their kids.

Voila! Tips for Photographing Babies

After I published her tips, I did a little photoshoot of my own with Scarlett. I love the results because for the first time, I focused more on capturing the event. I let my eye enjoy aesthetics of the bathroom setting as a backdrop to a toddler’s exuberance in the tub. I dropped the obsession with capturing her eye contact and smile. I think I got some great shots in terms of composition. (They are a bit grainy due to the lighting challenges of the bathroom.). I love the results. I can’t share many with you due to the nakedness, but trust me, they’re adorable.