Shimmery new way to display photos (giveaway)

I have given many a photo of my adorable family as a gift to my parents and in-laws, so I get super excited when I discover a new twist on presenting an image. When Meghan from Aluminyze emailed me about sponsoring a giveaway here, I was like, “Totally!” What mom doesn’t want to win a print for her home? And this sounds pretty cool.

The cool part: Aluminyze takes the hi-res photo you upload on their site and infuses it into a sheet of aluminum. What you get is a light-weight, frameless print that has an unusual depth and shimmer.

And your desk will totally be this clean.

Just kidding. Only furniture stores have desks without clutter. I can’t make that happen for you.

So let’s get one of you a free print!  Here’s what we’re giving away:

An 11×14 size Aluminyzed photo with an upgraded fixture, for the photograph of your choice.

To enter this giveaway, simply comment below telling us what photo you’d like in the 11×14 Aluminyze format. Is it your dog? Your parents? Your babies? You’ll need a very high resolution picture to get a crisp 11×14 image, so keep that in mind.

On Wednesday, March 21, I will select a commenter at random to win this giveaway. One entry per human, please.

We thank Aluminyze for sponsoring this giveaway and giving our readers this opportunity.