Set yourself up on a day-date during naptime

Daytime dates are appealing because we are not tired. (Ok, if you have a baby who doesn’t sleep, you might always be tired, but at least at noon, your odds of being alert are better than at say 9 pm.)

I have been inspired by friends who had a sitter on Saturday afternoon so that they could go on a bike ride together, and by Heather and her husband who have treated themselves to a sit-down restaurant lunch during the work day while their kids are at daycare.

This week I admired a post by Natalie, a contributor to Messy Kids Modern Parents, who suggested an at-home naptime date. She breaks it down into the necessary ingredients: Special Touches, Savory Bites, Sweet Bites, and Adult Beverages.  I would add Dressing Up In Non Yoga Pants to her list, but other than that, I love the idea.


Could this be your Valentine’s Day plan? It falls on Thursday this year, but surely observing it on Saturday won’t hurt anyone.

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