Activity #544: Set up a car wash

Dude, is it hella hot today. (I’m in California, and this is how we talk.) I let baby Scarlett engage in about three different types of water play within a four-hour span of time. She was out in the backyard, sitting in a highchair with bowls of water and spoons to splash with, and finally the bathtub.

Julian (three and three-quarters and a half years old, he’ll tell you) also loves him some water play. We had a spontaneous invention a couple of weeks ago of a car wash in our backyard. It really kept him busy, and our ride-on toys have never been cleaner.

The key to making it an official car wash seemed to be placing the car in a special place. In our case, it was on two outdoor Ikea chairs. Probably making a fort for this specific purpose would be the most satisfying. Make it extra fun with a spray bottle, sponge, and a bucket to dunk sponge in.

While Julian washed the “cars”, I paged through catalog after catalog that had come in the mail. A mutually beneficial water play session, I’d say.