Seeking non-romantic getaway weekend STAT

Oh crap! We promised the contractors currently destructing our house that we’d be gone for the weekend but we still haven’t figured out where to go yet.

Holden and Milo are out of “school” Friday and Monday so we figured it would be a good time to go somewhere. A few months ago, when I originally suggested it, I thought it would get me out of taking two days off work all by myself to lose my mind entertain the boys.

But oh no. It’s Valentine’s Weekend so all sorts of people will descend on the romantic places within a few hours drive of San Francisco: Wine Country, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel… they just sound like fabulous getaways when I spell out their names. Heck, I wish we could go on a lovely weekend for two, but that’s not what I came to talk about.

What about visiting the snow? Maybe checking out the kiddie snowparks in the foothills? Oh no, bad idea. It’s also a long weekend that was made for skiing and snowboarding (and probably kiddy-snow-parking for the parents that have already figured that stuff out).

Uhhh, I heard there was a safari place in Santa Rosa. Maybe that’d be cool? Three strikes: It’s not recommended for kids under three, it’s totally expensive, plus they’re holding a Valentine-themed wildlife sex tour all weekend. Next?!

Maybe Train Town? I’ve heard that its worth the trip, but then again, it’s in the lovely and scenic Sonoma County where we’ll be competing with recently engaged lovebirds for the beds at the B&B.

My mom suggested Sacramento. That’s promising, I guess… there are probably hotels there and decent playgrounds. And it doesn’t sound terribly romantic. Sold!

Anyone else have any bright ideas for me? And hurry!