Activity #115: Say “Yes, thank you.”

Do you tell people “No thank you” when they offer to help? It was my O.B. who first turned me on to saying “Yes”. When I was pregnant he said, “From now on, when they ask you if you want help out to your car, you say ‘Yes’.”

Think of things that you feel comfortable asking others to do so that when they offer, you can accept their generosity. During the course of the day, say them out loud to your baby to help you remember.

Example conversation:

Baby: Daaaaa da daaa da uh ga
You: Someone needs to take the car to Jiffy Lube.
Baby: Dahhh shhsss da
You: I would love some Indian take-out for dinner.
Baby: ssshhss ah babababababa
You: The lawn needs to be mowed.