Sawyer’s picks: giggle round-up for June

Sawyer’s picks for baby toys:
Though my ten month old can frequently be found trying to suck on chair legs, eat tiny Legos and gnaw on the tube of diaper cream, he also likes to play with age-appropriate toys. If I let him add all his favorite toys to the shopping cart, this is what he would choose:

A busy box for babies

This wooden Discovery box is safe for crawlers and sitters to explore. He has one like this to play with at daycare and always looks for it. It is the next big on-the-floor toy now that he’s graduating from the beloved baby gym.

More instruments

Sawyer loves to make music out of anything that bangs, clicks, and clacks. He thinks all babies should have instruments. Not interested in the whole musical set? He likes these colorful mini maracas to throw on the floor in the car.

Toys that roll

He finds all wheeled items hilarious. He likes to push, chase, and catch them (with his mouth, of course). This Go car is made for small hands.

Skwish toy

Could Sawyer be any more bored with plush right now? I don’t think so. He wants wood, metal, or rigid plastic to soothe his sore tooth buds. This toy has hard bits connected by stretchy cords.

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Share your baby’s favorite picks for toys in the comments. Sawyer will respond to every suggestion.


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