Activity #517: Save the drama for your camera

I never thought I’d be great at boy stuff, you know the sports and trucks and stuff, but I’m doing pretty good as a boy mom.  I can get into pretty much anything Julian is interested in and have more fun with it than I ever imagined.  So far.

Recently there’s been a lot of talk from him about good guys and bad guys. Not sure he really knows what he means by this, but he says he’s gonna put the bad guys in jail. So maybe he’s headed for a career in law enforcement.

I took him outside today and asked him to show me a good guy and a bad guy so I could take a picture of each one.  He also posed for me as “excited”, “sleeping”, “mad” and “fwustewated”. It was super fun and he loved looking at the pictures and repeating which emotion he was acting out.

I’m sure there’s something educational about doing this as well, but mostly it just gave us a few minutes to bond and laugh.


Above is the good guy and below is the bad guy.


I see an Oscar nomination in his future.