Save money on cool stuff with bTrendie

Hey you. Have you heard about bTrendie? Shhh, not so loud.

bTrendie was launched by a group of parents who love great sales but hate generic, mass-produced clothes that all look the same.

Don’t know what I mean? I was at a birthday party last weekend in which my sons had the same shirts as 4 of the other boys. FOUR!

They host sales on high-end clothes, accessories, and gear so you can pay Target prices and get better quality — more unique — stuff. They typically feature a few products at a time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

To get you started, they’re featuring Olive Juice Clothing on Monday through Wed – at 50% off. Totally cute and totally affordable. Trust me, I’m cheap.

The site is free to use. The only trick is that you need an invitation, like a secret handshake for parents in the know. Register with and you’ll be notified of the sales and deals you care about.

spa-imageIf you register via our affiliate link by January 31, you will be entered to win a relaxing rookie mom spa package, specially designed for those who are either sleep deprived or time impoverished, from do not disturb.

The kit includes some natural lotions, potions, and booties you can heat up in the microwave. The winner will be chosen among folks who register using our invitation link and notified by bTrendie.

Final words: As we said above, bTrendie is an affiliate of Rookie Moms so if you join on our link, we get a little something. AND right now, if you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you get $10 credit on your next purchase. Just make sure they don’t buy what you buy, because AWKWARD!