Activity #49: Record your tiny thoughts for later

Ultra 1GB Digital MP3 Player w/ Voice Recorder

I have a bad habit of wanting to talk whenever something pops into my head. Alec works all day and doesn’t always have the time to be interrupted with my every thought. We both agree that thoughts like:

  • “the baby pooped 4 times today”
  • “the front windshield is still chipped”
  • “we really need an arrow at the intersection of San Pablo and Ashby”
  • “we are out of bananas”

can wait until the end of the day.

Our compromise was to find an inexpensive mp3 recorder for me to carry around and share all my non-time-sensitive thoughts. We got ours on ebay.

He still gets called when it is urgent (“Ummm, your son just barfed on me”). So everybody wins, right?