Play with safe household objects

A friend of a friend, Missy, who is now known as GearHead Mom told us that she invented a new game for her toddler that she found quite entertaining:

Ever since the massive toy recalls have begun, I’ve been a bit more hesitant to pull out Sy’s legos or other plastic boxes of fun. So yesterday when Sy and I were staring at each other post-nap, I figured we could play a simple game with nothing plastic, painted or fully leaded.

I got out two bowls and grabbed a bunch of cotton squares, figuring we’d play a rousing game of “one for me, one for you.” I assumed she was going to hoard all of the cotton, eschewing the overarching “let’s all share” lesson of this old-school game. But no, Sy took a little piece of pulled apart cotton square and wadded it up into a ball. So I went along with that and started to flick it across the table. She thought that was about the funniest thing she’d seen. She’d race across the room, try to catch the flicked cotton (which goes very far, by the way), squeal, miss the flick and then run all over looking for it. Once the treasured object was found, she’d bring it back to me like a faithful retriever and we’d start up again. This amused us for at least twenty minutes.

It was way better than licking lead paint, don’t you agree?

I do agree, Missy. And, want to throw in that Julian simply adores the salad spinner. We put a small car or two inside and watch it spin around.