Rookie Santa tip: Team up for stocking stuffers

Friends, nine Christmases into this parenting thing and I have a useful tip to share: You can and your friends can go in on stocking stuffers. Here’s how:

  1. Mentally assemble your friends with similar age kids and share this post with a little note saying, “This! I want to do this for Christmas.”
  2. Gather up your in-house trinkets and tchotchkes.
  3. Buy some new items (in bulk). See my list below for two dozen ideas.
  4. Plan a holiday cheer meet-up at your place or pub (no kids allowed!).
  5. Trade, swap, and leave with the right number of stocking stuffers.

In my world, I would bring some of my leftover 50-pack of adhesive mustaches, dozens of PEZ, and some tiny toy cars and hopefully leave with temporary tattoos, stamps, and markers.

rookie santa tip from rookiemoms: Buy stocking stuffers in bulk and share

Looking for ideas on what you can stuff in a stocking? I have one million ideas for you. Now if you can only bring a few of these things to my table, we’d be all set.

  1. Mustaches (24 sets of 3)
  2. Assorted stamps (50!!)
  3. Punch balls (50 again)
  4. Finger puppets (10 pack) or 10 fair trade finger puppets
  5. Annie’s fruit snacks (18 in a box) or Halloween candy still in your cupboard
  6. Foam gliders (72)
  7. Hair clips (12 pieces)
  8. Play-doh (set of 15)
  9. Choose from Toy cars (50) or Pull-back racers (24)
  10. Toothbrushes (6 pack, keep enough for your kids then get rid of the evidence!)
  11. Glittery sticky hands (6 DOZEN!)
  12. Stickers by the roll (100 for $4!)
  13. Stretchy flying frogs (a dozen)
  14. Silly tiny dinosaurs (20 pack) or More realistic mini dinosaurs (72 – what?!)
  15. Mini woodland creatures (20 pack)
  16. Fingernail stickers (4 sets of 110)
  17. STAR WARS PEZ with dispensers (12 is enough)
  18. Superhero thumb wrestlers (8 pack)
  19. Bendable Zombie toys (a dozen)
  20. Glow bracelets (100 in a tube)
  21. Wikki Stix (468 sticks in this box, divide up as you like!)
  22. LED finger lights (10 sets of 4)
  23. Rubber duckies (12 in 4 different outfits, just begging to be shared with a pal)
  24. Hand rockets (like stomp rockets but for squeezing, a dozen sets with 3 rockets and 1 launcher)

If my two dozen ideas of swell stocking stuffers you can buy in bulk isn’t up to your standards, check out Oriental Trading Company, eBay, Target, or even the Container Store.

Also, if you don’t want to play this year, stick your extra stocking bits in a drawer and do it next year.

What would you add to my already very bulky stocking stuffer list?

ps we are affiliates of Amazon, where nearly all of these links were discovered.