Rookie Moms nostalgia – a look at March

Regardless of how much new stuff we post in a month, our most popular post is still

How to make baby pants out of a t-shirt

Funny, huh?

Here are the next nine most popular after that one for the month of March:

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Brace yourself: the zero to ten scale
Go to the theater where crying is allowed
Decorate baby clothes with fabric paint
Sew a quick newborn hat from a t-shirt
About Us
Timestamp a monthly baby photo
Make baby food
Do it yourself: the easiest baby shower gift ever

How did y’all get here? If you weren’t searching for “what to register for baby”, “car seats on airplanes” or even “should i have a baby?”, then you probably came via one of these lovely websites. Top ten referring sites in order:

  4. The
  7.’s new blog: The Stir
  8. SewMamaSew
  9. TheNest’s newlywed community
  10. Babble

Heather thought these stats were funny this month. Here are the top five things that our readers bought on

file under WHA?!

File under good new mommy good stuff