Rookie Moms nostalgia: a look at February

Hey, if we haven’t thanked you enough lately, please know that Heather and I truly appreciate you guys reading our site.

Here are our most popular posts this month:

  1. Make some easy kids pants
  2. Newborn Shopping List: What to register for and what to buy
  3. Go to a theater where crying is allowed
  4. Decorate baby clothes with fabric paint
  5. 5 tips to stay sane when traveling with a baby
  6. Sew a quick newborn hat from a tshirt
  7. Make an easy swaddling blanket
  8. About Us (!)
  9. On being a sexy mama instead of just a mama
  10. Test driving a Lincoln MKT (from here to Disneyland) and since that’s a giveaway post that is now closed (congrats to Amy who won $500!) I’m going to put a bonus link…
  11. 5 activities to keep your relationship strong

Also, we really appreciate the folks who link to

Top 10 referring sites (excluding social networks) for February were:

  1.’s FB page.
  5. (I cannot understand a single thing on this website, but I gather it’s about sewing.)
  7. BabyBunching

Thanks so much, guys!

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