Rookie mom’s challenge: practically sharing a shake

It Ain't So Bad Being a Rookie MomThis morning, I was on duty with the boys while Alec took a long bike ride with friends. I figured it was going to be easy to squeeze in my rookie mom’s challenge before the deadline… well, it depends on your definition of “easy”.

Holden and Milo are in daycare/preschool all week long so when the afternoon rolls around or — even more so — on the weekend, all they want to do is hang out inside with their stuff.

So, that pretty much ruled out both Activity #26: Paint your baby’s feet and Activity #187 Leave the House No Matter What! (unless the front yard counts and I’m going to say that it doesn’t).

That left us with Activity #235 Share a Milkshake

Milo doesn\'t share his shake
Milo doesn't share his shake

My recipe:
2 cubes frozen mango puree from freezer (from baby food days)
hand full of fresh blueberries
2 hands full of cantaloupe cubes
1 over-ripe banana
2 glugs of plain whole milk yogurt
1 stick mixer

The players:
Milo, choosy 18-month old and the only one who imbibed
Holden, cranky 3 year old, helped with adding banana (wouldn’t try it)
Heather, 30-something with aversion to mango (also wouldn’t try it)
Alec, 30-something in absentia (I’m expecting him to finish the rest)

The results:
The toddler/preschooler combo enjoyed the making of the smoothie. They were appropriately curious and not scared at the loud noise. Nobody grabbed the cord and nobody dumped out their goo on the floor (yay!).

But like I foreshadowed, nobody actually shared the fruits of our labors. Milo enjoyed his, and the rest went in the fridge in the hopes Daddy will polish it off.

The excitement:
The cup with lid and straw that I used to have went missing so I threw caution to the wind and let Milo drink with no lid. Yeah, it was that exciting.