Sneaking in on sleeping babies

Let sleeping dogs lie, right?

And never wake a sleeping baby, right?

Whitney gives us some excellent tips on photographing those angelic fall-asleep-anywhere newborns, but since I don’t currently own one of those models, I had to try a different approach.

Milo sleeps, 18 months
Milo sleeps, 18 months
About an hour after bedtime (7:15ish is bedtime around here), I tiptoed into Holden and Milo’s bedroom and put the dimmer on very low. This is a common routine for me. I love to watch these boys sleep. It is precious to me… an antidote to some of the frustrations and fits that occur naturally throughout the day.

Anyway, I was sneaking and quiet and DIM when I decided to USE MY FLASH to take their pictures. Seems dumb, right? Yes probably. My sons go to sleep fairly well most nights and sleep well throughout the night (the last two nights being exceptions because I was caught bragging about these facts).

They are not like Julian.

Holden sleeps, 40 months
Holden sleeps, 40 months
Whitney’s son, Julian, can be picked up, dragged, hands dipped in water, buckled, unbuckled, sat upon, or drawn on and he will not wake up! He is really just asking for it once he gets to college.

This is funny to me because… Whitney’s son would not wake up if she were to take a picture of him sleeping with full flash. But Whitney’s visual aesthetic would never permit such a picture.

With my kids, I was playing with fire. But I did it anyway, and they didn’t wake up. And I love these pictures of their precious sleeping moments. I only wish they didn’t have the broad-daylight-flash thing going on.

This silly photo adventure was inspired by Sam and her rookie moms weekly challenges! My choices were:

Activity #18: Take a Picture of your Sleeping Child

Activity #34: Rub Your Baby Down with a Message

Activity #69: Sleep Late

Take the challenge with us and win a little prize (maybe) and the chance to do something a little different (for sure!).