Disclosures and Review Policy

Who we are and what we like
The Rookie Moms, Heather and Whitney, are interested in products that make life with a new baby more fun. We will recommend products if they are relevant to our mission of supporting women in their first years of motherhood. Our kids range in age from zero to eight.

Occasionally products are relevant to mention in our editorial section, but only if they are closely tied to our themes and our interests. We don’t write about unhealthy food, pets, teenagers, NASCAR, expensive clothes, refinancing, cancer, bungee jumping, weight loss, sports, plumbing, 3D television, movies we don’t watch, and other stuff I can’t think of because we’re not into it. If you contact us regarding a category of product that does not personally interest us, we’ll be referring you to our advertising opportunities.

Unique baby carrier? Yes please. Noisy toy or helpful gadget? It depends. Car wax? No thank you!

If you believe your product is a good fit for RookieMoms.com, email us at reviews @ rookiemoms.com to have it considered; we’ll let you know if we’re interested. Accepting a product for review does not guarantee a review, and coverage may or may not be positive. We will disclose the source of any products reviewed.

In other words:

  • Do we receive free items?
    Sometimes, and we will mention that fact in the post.
  • Do we review all items or just the ones we like?
    We share what we like and what we think is interesting (or funny!) to our readers.
  • Are there some items that we feature that we found on our own?
    Heck yeah, most of our favorites were not freebies.
  • Are we paid for any of the reviews or posts?
    If we were, we disclose it in the post.

We receive a small percentage of an Amazon purchase if initiated from Rookie Moms. That’s a nice way to support us. We receive a small percentage of a CafePress and Zazzle purchase of Rookie Moms swag. Get your favorite rookie mom a t-shirt and help us out too.

We write for Giggle.com as well and a few other places. We used to write with the Parent Bloggers Network so you’ll find those posts sprinkled throughout our archives. As members of PBN, we reviewed products and always disclose when a post is related to a product we got from them. In the past, we have also acted as spokespeople for Huggies, Babycenter, the Eco-Toy Alliance and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Editorial reviews are separate and distinct from advertising on RookieMoms.com. If you would like to advertise on RookieMoms.com, you can work directly with us or go through Federated Media, our ad network.

Any questions? Let us know that too! reviews @ rookiemoms.com

updated November 1, 2012

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