Activity #344: Find your rainy day meccas

What do Studio Grow, Sadie Dey’s Cafe, Habitot, and even the Berkeley YMCA have in common? They’re all fighting for my rainy day toddler entertainment dollars.

Whitney challenged me to go to them all (not a problem, I was making the rounds anyway) and write up my opinions. Several years later, it has led to an entirely new website of just East Bay activities for kids, but that’s just because we’re in love with making lists, blogging, and building online communities. Enough about me; what are you going to do? I challenge you to do the same for your hometown so when the rains pour down or the snow piles up, you’ll have some options.

Second-hand children's store with play area? Yes, please!

I’ve got the dirty details on Berkeley toddler hot spots (tot spots?) over on Each has something good to offer depending on your circumstances.

In addition to the play-for-indoor-playtime spaces, the totally-free destinations that I like to frequent include:

  • Target for train-watching and errands (ours is next to train tracks!)
  • Mega outdoor shopping center for Barnes & Noble (train table!) and the pet store
  • Independent bookstore with children’s nook
  • Whitney’s house and her set of different toys
  • The library for official story time or just to enjoy a safe space and some books we don’t own