Quirky products for baby mamas

Truly, the only must-have baby products are food, diapers, and love. But sometimes… there’s a little itch that only an innovative new product will scratch. And today, I tip my hat to the problem solvers that invented these products. I received these three clever items and put them to my test.

Meet the Snooze Shade.

This black mesh stroller and car seat cover is better than the old blanket in a couple of key ways. It has velcro loops that keep it attached to any car seat or stroller (even in wind); teeny mesh holes to allow baby to stay cool; and a zipper so mama can peek inside.

The best use cases for me were:

  1. When I brought Baby Sawyer into his big brother’s germy preschool, the shade kept curious fingers at bay.
  2. Walking home in his big boy stroller on a breezy day and the velcro kept the shade in place and not blowing in his face.

Bottom line: I continue to use it for the 50+ sun protection and stick-to-itiveness, but a light blanket is much more versatile. Buy your own snoozeshade on amazon.

Enter the ToyDozer.

ToyDozer is a custom scooper for Legos and piles of small toys. This dustpan with plastic handle-free shovel makes quick work of clean-up. Unfortunately for my kids, it worked a little too well and mixed up sets that were meant to stay separate. Holden suggested an alternate use of the ‘dozer was to let his stuffed animals sleep in it. Um, no.

Bottom line: I’ll like it more if it gets the kids to clean up rather than just criticize how I do it. Buy your own toydozer on amazon.

Introducing sugarSNAP files.

Unique organization system with zipper pouches and labels. Fits in your monstrously large diaper bag and keeps things within reach. I like the durable loop and clips with the sturdy pouches.

Bottom line: I wish I had it with my rookie newborn when I was carrying everything. I feel like I’ve moved past the phase for this and gave it to a mama friend who still totes a Very Large Diaper Bag. Buy your own sugarSNAP files on amazon.

Have you discovered or invented any quirky, clever products as a parent?


Thanks to the sugarSNAP, snoozeshade, and toydozer for sending me product samples.