Paint my baby’s footprint on a tile {Rookie Moms Challenge #6}

Put a baby footprint on pottery rookiemoms challenge

It’s amazing how “You haven’t done ______ with your baby yet?!” from even a passing bystander can sound a lot like “You are a failure as a mom”. Sheesh, talk about escalating quickly. In this case yes, it was “You haven’t done your baby’s footprints yet?!” which has caused me to lay awake many a night vowing to add it to the never-ending to-do list in the morning. So I was somewhat relieved to have it come up as our 6th challenge: Paint your baby’s feet onto pottery for posterity. More out of guilt than anything else, these damn footprints are something I have been meaning to do.

The Gear

  • My trusty BFF
  • Coupon saved to my phone for the local Color Me Mine
  • Baby fed, changed, and BLISSFULLY asleep (score one for Mama!)
  • The stroller plus diaper bag laden with supplies for any given catastrophe

And, we were off! We even walked to Color Me Mine. Magically we were the first to arrive just as the doors were opening. We quickly got down to business. A little artsy-crafty, a few inappropriate jokes, and some down and dirty gossip. I was in heaven. My BFF kept saying “We should do this more often”, and babe, bless him, was still asleep. Before I knew it TWO hours had passed! As if on cue, the little man woke up, happy as could be. Time to stamp these puppies for posterity.

Put a baby footprint on pottery rookiemoms challenge

The Downs

  • Argh! Lost my e-coupon, what’s wrong with me?
  • Despite being up half the night wondering if the glaze is toxic to a baby’s sensitive skin – I forgot to ask before his piglets were slathered with the stuff. As the assistant is painting away she says “and don’t worry, this is totally non-toxic”. So that’s that.

The Ups

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, getting out of the house was a 10. Hanging with my best friend was an 11. Getting a little creativity back into my life was off the charts. It felt SO good.
  • I LOVE my plate. I MISS my plate. Is that insane? I think I miss it so much because my little man’s adorable tootsie prints are all over it. I imagine him at 5 years old saying “Mommy? Was I really that small?” I’ll say yes, but I’ll be thinking, “You have no idea.”
  • We now have an outing planned for next week, to pick up the finished product. I can hardly wait!

Putting  a baby footprint on a tile: rookiemoms challenge

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